As we say goodbye to summer it’s important to maintain that positive mind set by choosing our mood and reminding ourselves that we can control our happiness.

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Sometimes it is all too easy to forget that our happiness comes from within. We often mistakenly pin all our hopes, fears and blame on others or external conditions that are out of our control; like the weather.

This September, in support of #SuicideAwarenessMonth we are thinking positively, and would like to encourage everybody to do the same. We’ll be posting our positive thinking tips throughout the month alongside mindfulness ideas & some interesting facts!

So to start us off, here’s 5 quick and easy every day tips for staying positive:

  • 1. Give Unconditionally

    This can be one of the most powerful and emotionally uplifting things one person can do for another.

    Consider the following actions: Giving a homeless person our last £10 because they need it more than we do, letting a person cut in front of us in line at the supermarket because they are clearly having a rough day, or carrying an elderly person’s bags to their car because we see them struggling are all examples of unconditional giving.

    We should ask ourselves to give this way at least once each day and no doubt we will find our lives improving dramatically.

  • 2. Reduce Negativity

    This is much easier said than done because negativity is literally everywhere. The evening news, reality T.V. shows, violent movies, aggressive drivers, colleagues complaining…

    The list goes on and on.

    So how do we reduce these things which are a large part of most people’s lives?

    Simple. Take a break from them.

    Each day, we simply remove one negative influence from our daily routine.

    Turn off the T.V. early, avoid talking to your friend who only wants to complain about their spouse, or walk to the shop instead of driving.

  • 3. Exercise

    As much as we hear it already, exercise, particularly vigorous exercise, really is a cure all. Getting those muscles pumping and oxygen working through the body does wonders for our emotional and physical health.

    If we aren’t exercising right now, we need to start. Exercise can be in the form of walking, jogging, cross training, or playing tennis. The key is to start moving your body.

    We will feel better and look better and when those things happen, we will feel more confident, positive, and happy. That’s just a plain and simple fact.

  • 4. Talk to a stranger

    Many of us walk around leery of other people. We form snap judgments about them and tend to avoid direct eye contact and/or conversation. Why? Because our negative society has taught us not to trust people.

    But the reality is that 99% of the people we see every day are good, decent people.

    So the next time we’re in a lift with a stranger, let’s say hello and ask them how they are. And do it sincerely.

    When we’re waiting in line at the supermarket, we can strike up a conversation with the person behind us.

    We will be amazed at how our whole being changes when we do this.

    There is opportunity for this everywhere and we won’t have to try hard to make this a daily habit.

  • 5. Smile

    This sounds very cliché, but it’s so true. Most of us find it hard to form a sincere smile upon making eye contact with someone. Maybe we give a quick nod or “hello”, but there is a great deal of power in offering a genuine smile.

    We just may make someone’s day and will surely feel better ourselves as well. Making someone happier, even if it’s temporary, will have a profound effect on our own happiness.

    Make it a point to do this with at least five people each day.

We’d love to hear how helpful you’ve found this post, and please do share your experiences when using these tips.


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