What My Lovely Clients Say

I went to see Wendy when I was encountering some particularly difficult events in my life, when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, my head was so muddled. My anxiety levels were sky high. I really didn’t see how she or hypnotherapy would be able to help.

On our first meeting she put me so much at ease, dispelled myths surrounding hypnotherapy which I had, and explained in easy terms, what was happening in my brain to cause my symptoms and how hypnotherapy would help. I felt better already!! The road to recovery was fairly swift after that.

Over a year later, I am able to manage any anxiety myself as I now have the tools to do so.

If you are in any doubt, go and see Wendy….it could change your life in a very positive way!

Wendy has been my rescuer, a rescuer from everything that built up in my life and basically compressed me. I was in a fairly bad place 6 months ago, not sleeping, panic attacks although on the outside people probably wouldn’t have guessed. I went to see Wendy regarding my sleep as I was waking up for a few hours a night, every night having panic attacks, then my mind would go into overdrive and I would get really tired. When I did sleep I was having nightmares which left me exhausted. Wendy is training my brain to be positive as I was very much a ‘what if this happens?’ I now don’t worry if it does happen. I will deal with a problem when it comes up. I feel as if she is clearing my brain out slowly of the stuff I don’t need to be in there which is really promoting lovely, sleep filled nights! It has made me so much more buoyant and positive, and through that, homelife is better and my business is doing really well. Thank you Wendy, you are very patient, very positive and very easy to talk to and have made a big difference in my life!

I decided to engage in hypnotherapy with Wendy to help reduce my stress and anxiety from the day to day demands of life. After only several sessions I began to recognise the change in my pattern of behaviour enabling me to feel more in control resulting in more positive thoughts. Learning how our minds work through hypnotherapy opens up a new path of understanding ourselves. It’s amazing how learning new techniques to manage our negative thoughts allows us the space and capacity to hold the positives ones! I’m so confident about this treatment that my 10 year old daughter is now having hypnotherapy to help her manage with the impact of bereavement.

I just thought I would drop you a quick message to let you know that I passed all of my professional exams! Thank you so much for helping me through a particularly stressful time of my life, I really appreciate it and I still continue to listen to your recording, which helps me cope with any anxiety.

I keep meaning to write to say a huge thank you. Against all the odds I have been offered the job! I really couldn’t have gone through with it without your help so thank you so much. I continue to do the relaxation cd most nights and feel it is continuing to help me remain calmer and more in control.

Thanks again for your support.

My twelve year old son recently visited Wendy for a series of sessions, which were hugely beneficial to him in terms of his confidence, how he manages his emotions and worries and his overall attitude to life, school and learning. During primary school, my son, had never once uttered the dreaded ‘I don’t want to go to school’, ‘I hate it’, in fact he had always loved it; but since starting secondary school it became a different story and it became a everyday phrase. His confidence dropped, his attitude to learning changed, he found he couldn’t express himself, he worried at night, had friendship problems and was bullied. Initially I put this down to settling in and transition, but when it still hadn’t improved a term into the second year, then help was needed. Talking through the processes and worries with Wendy and the actual hypnotherapy sessions with Wendy and the follow up CD, both helped him. He could see the logic and the science behind it, which appealed to him and he found the sessions hugely relaxing. Over a few weeks I watched him transform into the positive boy he’d been before, he learned how to manage difficult situations, change his attitude to events and his confidence returned. Thank you so much Wendy.

I’d been suffering with bouts of depression on and off for 7 years. Despite trying a number of treatments, including medication and counselling, I’d not felt a great improvement in my symptoms and didn’t feel like the root of the problem was being addressed.

Wendy’s treatments made a huge difference to my overall outlook and my day-to-day mood.

The hypnotherapy, combined with talking to Wendy at the start of the session each week, left me feeling really positive.

One of the most helpful elements of the treatment was Wendy’s explanation of the psychology behind depression and the way the hypnotherapy helped. Understanding this helped me become more aware of my own state of mind and take control of my feelings before they took control of me.

I decided to try hypnotherapy after years of trying to lose weight. This felt like my last chance or I would give up. I knew Wendy and how lovely she was, so decided to give it a go. The environment that the hypnotherapy take place in is so lovley and relaxing. After recieving a few sessions I already started to think differently about food and my approach to being active and excercise. Now I’m looking forward to taking control of my eating and living a slimmer healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much Wendy – hopefully you will be seeing less of me soon!

I was really concerned when my stress started to impact on my ability to cope in my job as a Nurse. Having hypnotherapy really helped more than I could ever have imagined. I was most definitely ready to take on this therapy and be open to it which I think is really important. Wendys explanation of why we feel like we do, how our brain copes with stress etc, made it all the clearer and allowed me to finally deal with some of the issues that have clouded me for as long as I can remember. I’m still me, I’ve not suddenly changed as a person, I just have a sense of calm and happiness that has been absent for years. Visualising my primitive brain as the naughty monkey (!) helped as I could regain some control that way. The relaxation cd was (and still is) an integral part of the process and has an amazing, calming effect on me. The process is very subtle, but it works. I realise I have never really ‘managed’ my stress and got fed up being told ‘but you have so much going on….’ I needed to regain control of my life and that’s exactly what I feel I have achieved with Wendy’s help.

Wendy was the third Hypnotherapist that I had been to for a consultation, I was unsure about the therapy and the previous two people had made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. But Wendy was incredibly warm and welcoming, I instantly felt comfortable in her presence and I knew that we would be able to work together.

Working with Wendy has been a life changing experience, she has helped me to over come an incredibly difficult period of my life. I love working with Wendy, Hypnotherapy has opened me up to a whole world of possibilities… It has given me hope and a much stronger sense of belief in myself.

Its been a life changing experience and while I still have a way to go in channeling my ‘inner monkey’ towards a more positive mind set… Fear, chaos and anger are no longer ruling my life. I can’t recommend Wendy highly enough.