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If you lack either confidence or motivation the likely cause is a degree of underlying stress or anxiety.

When we lack confidence in our abilities we often have negative views about the future or in retrospect on the past.

Hypnotherapy can greatly reduce anxiety, eliminate unwanted behaviour patterns and develop subconscious processes to enable you to be more optimistic and motivated to succeed.

Increased confidence in areas such as public speaking, interviews, driving test or exam preparation can be achieved.


Depression is often a significant factor in the break up of relationships, career problems and lack of motivation.

When it occurs, we will turn in on ourselves and find it difficult to engage with others, pushing away friends and loved ones and have a feeling of despair or inability to see how the situation can change. This feeling can start so gradually that you can often miss the signs and may not even realise anything is wrong, but you will start to withdraw more and more from living.

With appropriate hypnotherapy, depression is one of the most treatable disorders and is now considered the most effective treatment enabling individuals to focus on solving problems and fully engaging in life again.

Anxiety & stress

Stress or anxiety is a common when we are trying achieve a work/life balance and most of us encounter it at some point in our lives.

When stress or anxiety reaches a stage where it overwhelms us or we reach a point where we are not coping well our quality of life deteriorates. Excessive or prolonged stress or anxiety can lead to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety or even panic attacks.

When under excessive pressure from home, work or social factors, you will tend to respond with either anxiety, anger or depression or a combination of all three. Hypnotherapy can bring your anxiety levels right down and help you cope in many different situations in a calm and confident manner.

Fears & phobias

Fears and phobias can be extremely debilitating and restricting in many areas of life.

Using hypnotherapy, phobias can be resolved within three to five sessions.

The process enables you to disassociate from the fear or phobia, using specific techniques that enable the emotion to be taken out of the experience.

More realistic patterns of thought are then developed helping your subconscious to become indifferent to the particular object of fear so that you will be less affected by it in the future.

Smoking cessation

Quit Smoking! Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective and powerful tool for the permanent eradication of unwanted habits and smoking is probably the easiest.

The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% – the rest is all in the mind, which can be re-educated.

Anti-smoking therapy is completed in one 90 to 120 minute session where we explain how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and remind you of the dangers to mind and body of smoking and how hypnosis will help you stop forever. So long as you have a genuine desire to quit, you can be a non-smoker for good, with no cravings.

Weight management

We all recognise that in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to limit our calorie intake, eat a nutritious diet and be active but sometimes we can find it difficult to get the motivation to start and maintain.

Our relationship with food is complex. Our desire for food comes from the subconscious mind; we need it to live and it can give us so much pleasure but we can turn to food if we are stressed or depressed.

Hypnotherapy can help you to feel more relaxed; not only about food but also about yourself, helping you to develop a healthy body image and motivation to make positive and lasting changes to your lifestyle.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be categorised into two main parts Obsessions – repetitive, obtrusive, unwanted thoughts that are experience and result in irrational fears. Compulsions – acts or rituals carried out in response to fears generated by obsessions.

Sufferers often feel less anxious once they have carried out a compulsion. Compulsions are excessive cleaning, counting, checking, measuring, and repeating tasks or actions. Obsessions are worrying excessively about germs, fearing illness or death, causing harm to others.

Hypnotherapy helps to overcome the OCD by focusing not on the obsession, but on reducing the underlying anxiety.

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What my lovely clients say

Wendy has been my rescuer, a rescuer from everything that built up in my life and basically compressed me. I was in a fairly bad place 6 months ago, not sleeping, panic attacks although on the outside people probably wouldn’t have guessed.

I went to see Wendy regarding my sleep as I was waking up for a few hours a night, every night having panic attacks, then my mind would go into overdrive and I would get really tired. When I did sleep I was having nightmares which left me exhausted. Wendy is training my brain to be positive as I was very much a ‘what if this happens?’ I now don’t worry if it does happen.

I will deal with a problem when it comes up. I feel as if she is clearing my brain out slowly of the stuff I don’t need to be in there which is really promoting lovely, sleep filled nights! It has made me so much more buoyant and positive, and through that, homelife is better and my business is doing really well. Thank you Wendy, you are very patient, very positive and very easy to talk to and have made a big difference in my life!

I decided to try hypnotherapy after years of trying to lose weight.

This felt like my last chance or I would give up. I knew Wendy and how lovely she was, so decided to give it a go. The environment that the hypnotherapy take place in is so lovley and relaxing.

After recieving a few sessions I already started to think differently about food and my approach to being active and excercise.

Now I’m looking forward to taking control of my eating and living a slimmer healthier lifestyle.

Thank you so much Wendy – hopefully you will be seeing less of me soon!